Ice Mermaid

Ice swimming

As soon as ice swimmer Melissa Kegler from Seattle has her first icy mile (~1.6 kilometers) under her belt, she's already itching for more. She now wants to swim more than two kilometers in freezing cold water and set a new American record. Swimming in water below five degrees Celsius, without a wetsuit, is extremely physically demanding. Melissa has been training for this sporting challenge for years.

She does not have a stereotypically athletic body, which is precisely why the record is all the more achievable for her than for many other athletes—despite all the struggles that her body shape inherently brings in our society. The film ICE MERMAID tells the story of her record-breaking attempt.

"Before I started swimming, I didn't use my body. It took me many years to realise that my figure was just right to achieve goals that I wasn't even aware of." - Melissa Kegler

Film Facts

Length: 25 min (Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR edit)
Tour: Volume 10
Direction: Dan McComb
Production: 2022, USA, Dan McComb
Tracklist: Memory and Forgetting (Spearfisher); Hiemal (Charlie Ryan); The Path Less Traveled (J Scott Rakozy); Through The Past - Instrumental (Center of the Sea); Dream - Instrumental (Gideon Matthew); Float - Instrumental (Gideon Matthew); Veter (Thin Matter Dreamer); You Place in the Sea (Forever Sleep); A New Age (Brevis); Delta - Instrumental (Vico V); Fore by Rohaan - Instrumental (MHC); A Night In The City - Instrumental (Cape); To the Lighthouse - Instrumental (Petteri Sainio); Rising Tides - Instrumental (Outland); Remember When - Instrumental (The David Roy Collective)

Icy Bold Swimmers

Anyone who swims a mile (approx. 1.6 kilometers) in water below 5 degrees Celsius in normal swimwear (i.e., without a wetsuit!) has swum an 'ice mile'. The International Ice Swimming Association currently counts 796 ice miles by swimmers from 40 countries (as of January 2024).

Dan McComb ©

Melissa Kegler & Dan McComb